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Consumer Products & Services

Professional Business Services account for a large part of the U.S. economy – an estimated $600 billion per year. In recent years demand for these services has stagnated as nonessential projects were postponed. But, as the global economy returns to health, demand is returning and many service providers are struggling to make the shift. Protiviti has expertise in helping professional services organizations manage risk, streamline operations and improve information for decision-making.

Consumer Products and Services
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies must consistently meet the demands of consumers. This requires careful focus on a growing number of pressures and risks, starting with brand creation, speed to shelf, trade spend effectiveness and flawless customer service through the point of multiple channel sales and beyond. Protiviti's professionals have extensive experience and can help your CPG company address these areas.

Hospitality, Leisure and Travel
Hospitality companies have several factors they must manage which include delivering high levels of customer service, building and maintaining brand awareness, maximizing revenues, investing capital, managing guest loyalty, utilizing human resources and using technology to effectively market and manage inventory (such as rooms, seats, tables and vehicles). Protiviti’s professionals provide a broad array of services that solve common problems in the operations, IT, compliance efforts and boardrooms of hospitality organizations.

Retailers and Suppliers have spent recent years adjusting to the economic crisis and a changing regulatory landscape. Technology, distribution, go-to-market strategies and the approach to retailer-supplier collaboration have been affected as costs were cut and retailers strived to survive the crisis.
Protiviti’s professionals specialize in making risk management capabilities and infrastructure practical and value-adding for retailers. We help retailers assess their capabilities, identify areas for improvement and collaborate closely with their team to implement solutions.

Educational institutions have many stakeholders with a strong interest in making certain that quality services are delivered at a reasonable cost. Colleges and universities must offer a variety of services beyond supporting ongoing learning and research activities. The risk factors that must be managed are varied because of the significant number of constituents. In addition, universities are continually dealing with the challenge of complying with a wide and expanding body of laws and regulations. At Protiviti, our Education Industry experts understand the challenges faced by educational organizations. Our solutions are designed to help educational institutions turn these challenges into advantages.

Not for Profit
Not-for-profit organizations have faced significant change and increased public scrutiny in recent years. This broad and diverse group, ranging from non-profit associations and foundations to charitable organizations, has met with increased regulatory oversight at a time of dwindling public financing. And private foundations, including family, independent, and company foundations, are facing stricter limitations around their activities than ever before. At Protiviti, our industry experts understand the challenges faced by your non-profit organization. Our solutions are designed to help you turn these challenges into advantages by focusing on governance, accountability and transparency. 

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