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Energy companies have experienced a remarkable shift in the complexity of challenges they face; unprecedented environmental and social pressure, unstable geopolitical relationships and demographic shifts have all changed the industry’s landscape. Meanwhile, competition continues to increase as new markets arise.
Yet the biggest challenge facing the Energy Industry as a whole is how to meet the rapid increase in future demand. With 95% of the world’s population growth expected to come from developing counties, coupled with the continued growth in their economies, it is expected that 80% of future demand for energy will come from developing countries. The challenge facing the Energy Industry is how to fully serve this increase in demand in a secure, affordable and accessible way.

Within the integrated value chain required to meet this demand, each sector will face its own particular set of challenges, ranging from large complex capital projects in the Alternative Energy sector, to compliance, IT management, capital investment management, and data management in the Exploration & Production sector. Protiviti’s extensive industry knowledge and expertise can help you manage challenges in the areas of:

  1. Alternative Energy
  2. Energy Trading, Marketing & Generation
  3. Exploration, Production & Refining
  4. Mining
  5. Oilfield Services
  6. Utilities, Pipeline & Transmission
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