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Automotive companies have always adjusted their businesses to meet the customer’s tastes. Globalization has allowed companies to reorganize supply chains and improve efficiency; now it is opening new markets and bringing in new competitors just as restructured American companies seek to re-establish themselves and grow their market share. In this new world, companies with effective product development processes that can produce cars efficiently and deliver them to markets around the world will be successful. Protiviti can partner with you to achieve this success by helping you source more strategically, improve the effectiveness of the processes and technologies that drive your business, and address compliance issues.
Distribution and Logistics companies have seen fuel costs rise at a time when their clients have pushed for cost reductions. Organizations are now not only looking to source products globally, but also seek just-in-time inventory in efforts to minimize overhead. Distribution and Logisitics organizations must offer their customers visibility of cargo movement, consistency of delivery and agility. Protiviti can help your organization achieve these objectives through innovative IT, data management and process solutions, as well as effective internal auditing procedures.
Industrial Products companies face increased demand for natural resources such as natural gas, oil and metals at a time when the cost of sourcing and delivering these products is also increasing. Protiviti can assist your company by putting processes into play that help offset increased prices of natural resources, and can optimize your supply chain in order to more efficiently serve your customers.  
Materials and Chemicals companies are also being changed by globalization. Organizations are searching for new supply sources and markets in which to expand. In doing this, compliance and environmental regulations become a major challenge. Currently, the REACH regulation in Europe has not only forced major compliance directives on Materials and Chemical manufacturers, but has compelled them to adopt a new level of efficiency in their business models and data management. Protiviti’s Materials and Chemical Industry professionals can help you manage your organization's compliance, data management, supply chain and IT needs.
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