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Private Equity

Protiviti’s Private Equity professionals partner with a broad range of global, midmarket and specialized or industry-focused private equity clients. While we assist our clients at each stage of the investment cycle, including transaction due diligence, portfolio company optimization and exit strategy/initial public offering (IPO) preparation, with the economic downturn, we are also working actively with clients in two key areas:

  1. To identify and help execute portfolio company targeted business, operations and financial changes that improve cash flow, enhance competitive position and/or enhance risk management.
  2. To assist private equity firms with addressing their cost areas, streamlining internal operations, and augmenting internal risk control and/or operational management as they manage overall portfolio risk and look to strengthen their own capabilities.

The current market environment presents both challenge and opportunity to the traditional private equity operating model. Declining operating results, scarcity of transaction leverage and greatly reduced exit opportunities are forcing firms to become more operationally focused. Private equity firms with a strong or emerging operational focus find themselves with a competitive advantage: Having the ability to strengthen their portfolio companies while at the same time identifying and mitigating challenges presented by rapidly changing markets. Whether it is helping a portfolio company realize the cost savings from a roll-up strategy, identifying targeted operating or financial changes to improve cash flow, or helping a private equity client develop greater portfolio-wide risk management, Protiviti provides the flexible tools, industry-specific solutions and timely execution of expertise to help our clients face the challenges and increased risks of today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Protiviti’s team of professionals provides valuable assistance and guidance to leading private equity firms worldwide as they seek to reinforce, rationalize and/or adapt internal investment and financial operations from transaction due diligence to investment performance tracking to internal financial and regulatory compliance and/or reporting. Protiviti provides our clients with the insight and experience to help them strengthen their internal opportunity and risk management capabilities and deepen their own financial reporting and control capabilities. At the same time, we help our clients anticipate and adapt to regulatory reforms, industry trends and increased investor focus on governance and transparency.

Private equity firms are turning to Protiviti for our problem-solving capabilities as they look to identify and create value. From our business consulting skills to our risk management and internal audit depth, we work with private equity clients to consistently deliver proven and powerful solutions that anticipate their needs.​

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