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About Protiviti
Overview of Protiviti and its business solution offerings.

Our videos focus on a wide range of topics covering problems and issues we help our clients solve. We invite you to view these videos and contact us for further information.​

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Protiviti launches "i on Hunger" Intiative

Nov. 20, 2014 - Protiviti CEO Joe Tarantino introduces Protiviti's "i on Hunger" intiative.

Past Videos: 

​Date Title ​Description
​Nov 18, 2014 Going Local - FCPA Compliance Challenges ​Scott Moritz, Managing Director and Leader of Protiviti’s Investigations and Fraud Risk Management Practice, discusses the requirements and challenges of complying with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, particularly for organizations with operations around the world.
​Nov 18, 2014 Leveraging the Right Technology Tools to Manage Fraud Risk ​Scott Moritz, Managing Director and Leader of Protiviti’s Investigations and Fraud Risk Management Practice, discusses the benefits of using technology tools like the Protiviti Governance Portal to manage fraud risk effectively in the organization.
​Oct 13, 2014 Protiviti Congratulates American Banker's Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance ​Congratulations to this year's exceptional women in banking and finance!
​Sep 15, 2014 Bridging the Data Security Chasm​
Protiviti's 2014 IT Security and Privacy Survey is now available​
​Jun 4, 2014 Understanding Fraud Risk Enables You to Better Manage It​ ​Scott Moritz, Managing Director and Leader of Protiviti's Fraud Risk Management Practice, discusses fraud risk management best practices.
​Jun 4, 2014 Overcoming Roadblocks to Effective Anti-Corruption Measures​ ​Scott Moritz, Managing Director and Leader of Protiviti's Fraud Risk Management Practice, summarizes key challenges related to the anti-corruption measures and compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act.
​Mar 27, 2014 2014 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey
​Highlights from Protiviti's 2014 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey.
​Mar 18, 2014 ​2014 Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey
​Protiviti's annual edition of the Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey.
​Mar 12, 2014 2014 IT Priorities Survey
This video accompanies Protiviti's 2014 IT Priorities Survey.​
​Feb 13, 2014 Protiviti Managing Director Greg Hedges introduces Protiviti Greg Hedges, Protiviti Managing Director of Social Business Consulting, talks about Protiviti's "upsider" view at TedX Midwest 2013.​
​Feb 4, 2014 2014 Executive Perspecitves on Top Risks Survey
​NC State and Protiviti has partnered for the 2nd year to produce the 2014 Executive Perspectives on Top Risks Survey.
​Jan 21, 2014 Proven Delivery - Universal American ​In this edition of Protiviti's Proven Delivery Series, Universal American Executive Vice President Kathy Feeny describes working with Protiviti
​Nov 26, 2013 Introduction to the IPO Pricing Event ​NASDAQ OMX Chief Economist, Frank Hatheway is giving a brief overview of what the event will discuss.
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​Nov 19, 2013 ​2013 IT Audit Benchmarking Survey ​Protiviti has released its third annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey.
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​Oct 25, 2013 Top Priorities for CFOs and Finance Professionals in 2014​ ​Preview the results of Protiviti's 2014 Finance Priorities Survey, which shows cash forecasting, working capital management, business intelligence, and new tax laws and regulations to be among the top challenges for corporate finance functions in the coming year.
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​Jul 24, 2013 Restoring Confidence: Risk Management Capabilities in the Wake of the Financial Crisis​ ​The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) conducted a survey sponsored by Protiviti of 350 senior-level executives at financial institutions across the globe.
​Jul 19, 2013 2013 IT Security & Privacy Survey​ ​Knowing How -- and Where -- Your Confidential Data Is Classified and Managed: A Survey on the Current State of IT Security and Privacy Policies and Practices
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​Jun 13, 2013 The New COSO Internal Controls Framework ​Protiviti Executive Vice President Brian Christensen previews the new COSO Internal Control - Integrated Framework
​May 21, 2013 Building Value in Your Sox Compliance Program​ ​Highlights from Protiviti's 2013 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey
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​Mar 29, 2013 ​Protiviti and the Magic of GRC 2013 ​Insights from the SAPInsider Conference
​Mar 22, 2013 ​The Benefits of Technology-Enabled Auditing Keith Kawashima, Protiviti Managing Director and a leader in the firm's Internal Audit practice, talks about ways in which organizations can leverage technology-enabled auditing practices to their benefit.​
​Mar 15, 2013 New Frontiers in Internal Auditing​ Protiviti Executive Vice President Brian Christensen discusses internal audit in the current business atmosphere.
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​Feb 20, 2013 Today's IT Priorities - What's Keeping the CIO Up at Night?​ Protiviti's 2013 IT priorities Survey reviews IT priorities for 2013 as identified by nearly 200 IT executives.
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​Jan 15, 2013 ​Perspectives on Compliance in Higher Education ​Susan Alexander, Protiviti Managing Director and a leader of the firm's Education Industry practice, discusses the need for universities to maintain a comprehensive and effective compliance program.​
​Nov 12, 2012 Managing Supply Chain Disruptions​ ​Sharon Lindstrom, Protiviti Managing Director and leader of the firm's Industrial Products Industry Practice, discusses current supply chain challenges for manufacturers and strategies for overcoming them.​
​Aug 22, 2012 Steps to Success in Regulatory Change Management ​Carol Beaumier, Executive Vice President for Protiviti and leader of the firm's Global Financial Services Industry practice, reviews key steps financial services institutions should take to address the changing regulatory landscape effectively.
​Aug 22, 2012 Regulatory Changes Affecting Companies in Financial Services​ ​Carol Beaumier, Executive Vice President at Protiviti, discusses key changes in the regulatory requirements that are impacting financial services organizations.​
​Jul 25, 2012 Emerging Trends in the Technology Industry​ ​Gordon Tucker, Managing Director and Leader of Protiviti's Technology Industry practice, discusses emerging trends and developments in the technology sector.​
​Jul 25, 2012 Getting Ready for ICD-10​ ​Protiviti Managing Director and Leader of Protiviti's Healthcare Industry practice Susan Haseley discusses the upcoming transition to ICD-10.​
​Jul 25, 2012 Where are the Regulators Focusing? ​Tim Long, Managing Director for Protiviti and a leader in the firm's U.S. Financial Services Industry practice, discusses key areas of focus for today's regulators.​
​Jul 16, 2012 Merger & Acquisition Activity and Objectives in Today's Economic Climate​ ​Protiviti Managing Director Byron Traynor discusses recent trends and developments in the M&A market.​
May 29, 2012 Risk Oversight - Engaging the Board Effectively ​Protiviti Managing Director Jim DeLoach discusses the board's responsi​​bilities in managing risk.
​May 29, 2012 Creating and Leveraging a Risk Index​ ​Protiviti Managing Director Cory Gunderson discusses leveraging a risk index for your organization.
​May 29, 2012 IT Auditing - Where Organizations May Be Falling Short ​Protiviti Managing Director David Brand discusses what organizations should be mindful of in global IT auditing.
​May 29, 2012 Public Company Transformation ​Protiviti Managing Director Steve Hobbs discusses public company transformation.​
​Mar 19, 2012 Key Trends in Internal Audit​ Protiviti Executive Vice President Brian Christensen comments on key trends in internal auditing.​