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Technology, Media & Communication

Communications companies are in an era of convergence. Traditionally, the three top challenges facing executives have been improving revenue, retaining customers and managing risk. Today, the advent of Web 2.0 and mobile data usage has put a significant strain on the existing infrastructure. These challenges are further complicated by increased competition. Protiviti can help. Our professionals also have extensive industry knowledge of key business functions, including network operations, customer service, billing, revenue assurance, business intelligence, financial reporting, IT, information security and regulatory affairs.
High-Technology and Electronics companies face a dynamic and fast-moving environment. With shorter product life cycles, organizations are required to be flexible and innovative while preserving high standards of quality and cost-effectiveness. Limited resources force organizations to make smart decisions about which projects should be pursued and be allocated resources. Protiviti’s professionals can help your organization identify problems and develop solutions to address them in the areas of royalty audits, revenue recognition, strategic sourcing and demand forecasting.
Internet and Media companies are delivering richer and higher quality media to consumers and businesses. These groups are demanding more content, faster, anywhere, anytime and in any format, creating opportunities to innovate in the marketing of products and intellectual property (IP). Consequently, organizations face the challenge of adopting and managing new business models while also managing risk and maintaining existing revenue streams. Protiviti's professionals help you address problems throughout your content life cycle and enhance profitability while reducing risk associated with content management and distribution.
Software companies face tremendous pressure to deliver high-quality, innovative products ahead of their competition. With this fast pace come problems related to intellectual property protection, international operations, outsourcing and complex revenue recognition. Protiviti can help your organization manage these problems, improve processes and reduce costs to remain profitable.
Gordon Tucker Emerging Trends in Technology Discussion Video 

Gordon Tucker, Managing Director and Leader of Protiviti's Technology Industry practice, discusses emerging trends and developments in the technology sector.​​​

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