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Protiviti Dodd-Frank Diagnostic Tool
This complimentary online tool helps banking, broker-dealer and mortgage companies to identify quickly the parts of the Dodd-Frank Act that are most relevant to their business. Users of the tool will be able to identify key areas of concern based upon the services their organizations provide, total company assets, company-holding structure and their regulatory agency. Protiviti plans to release additional modules of its Dodd-Frank Diagnostic Tool in the future to address other business areas.

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This tool highlights only certain key provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act ("DFA") and is provided solely for general informational purposes. The tool does not address all potentially relevant DFA requirements or provide definitive guidance regarding the applicability of any provision of the DFA to a particular financial or other type of institution. Protiviti is not a law firm, the content of this tool should not be used as or considered legal advice, and users who are seeking legal advice should contact appropriately licensed legal counsel. Additionally, the rulemaking process surrounding DFA continues to evolve rapidly; as such, although Protiviti tries to provide accurate information, Protiviti makes no assurance that the content within the tool is accurate, complete, error-free, or current and any action you take based on the content or the tool is solely at your own risk.

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